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Anonymous asked: Hi there, how are you? Just wondering what con you'll be at next and who you'll be cosplaying as? :3


Hi anon :) next up is SMASH!! Cosplaying as Satsuki from KLK on Saturday then military uniform Rei from Free! on Sunday, really looking forward to it :D

— 2 days ago
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Anonymous asked: Hello, just wondering what happened to your aegiyongioppa tumblr page? It didn't work when I tried it! :(((


Hi there :) 

I changed the url recently, so it can now be found at A Year in June ! 

— 2 months ago
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Anonymous asked: YOU'RE HOT HEY


HEY AEGI HOW ARE YOU HAHAH you cute butt dalfe <3

— 2 months ago
Anonymous asked: Hello Misun :3 You always looks so fit when you cosplay! Do you work out? //**BLUSH**//


Hi anon! Ah omg thank you so much ; u; Indeed I do! I love yoga and attend a class once a week, the rest of the time I try to do about 40 situps, 15 push ups and 20-30 squats every second day(ish hahah). Working out is actually really good for feeling happy, so I super recommend it! And thank you again for such a sweet ask ; u; <3

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Anonymous asked: What foundation/s do you use? You have the complexion of a goddess! //sighsinaweofsuchbeauty


Oh wow anon, thank you so much ; u;

I’m going to be honest, when there are blemishes in cos photos, they usually get hidden with photoshop! My skin isn’t perfect haha, I get breakouts, and redness, but when in cosplay I wear a bodyshop matte primer, a cream concealer to cover blemishes, Missha M perfect cover BB cream, and a translucent Lush powder to stop it shifting. That combo gets me through full con days with minimal makeup shift!! :)

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Anonymous asked: How old were you and Dalfe when you began cosplaying? You're both soooooo amazing! <3


Ahhh, thank you so much anon, you sweetie ; u; I started cosplaying when I was 17, and you know, Dalfe’s 3. 

But didn’t meet her until a few years later :D

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Erwin cos test o vo hoping to get a better wig soon!

Erwin cos test o vo hoping to get a better wig soon!

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butterflypenguin asked: whoa your rei wig is gorgeous whered you get it


Hey, thank you! It’s from this taobao store: Link! There’s still some in stock too :) Then it was cut down a lot from its original state, and styled with some wax and hairspray. <3

Btw your url is perfect ahaha 8D

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